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“The Winter title is important, but even more important is where we are at the网络外围投注 end of the season. There’s a lo澳门外围投注ng way to go and we can only focus on our own results, then hope all goes well.”

A vic真人外围投注tory this evening would ensure Napoli are Serie A leaders at the midway stage of the season, traditionally called Campioni d’Inverno – Winter Champions.

Marko Rog acknowledges the title of Winter Champions would be good for Napoli, “but even more important is where we are at the end of the season.”

They visit Crotone at 19.45 GMT, .

“Crotone play good football on home turf, but it’s an important match for us too, as we want to win in order to stay top of the table,” the midfielder told Mediaset Premium.