Abbiati: 'Gatt手机灰色项目赚钱uso is Milan leader'

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“Bonucci is our champion, he made an important choice coming here and in my view it’s all lies.”

Abbiati was asked about the reports Leonardo Bonucci was unhappy just six months into the Milan experience and would seek a move abroad.

Milan team manager Christian Abbiati believes the training retreat helped the team prepare for Atalanta. “Gennaro Gattuso is our leader.”

It kicks off at 17.00 GMT,

“At these moments, it helps to understand everyone’s issues. Talking to the Coach yesterday, we said the week had passed by very fast. At times, a training retreat is useful,” the team manager told Media皇冠外围投注set Premium.

“The retreat ends today. We can gain in determination and need someone who can transmit that sensation both on and off the field. Gattuso is our leader, he is trying to pass on 在线外围投注those characteristics and the group is following him.”

The entire team spent the last f线上足球投注ew days in lockdown after a humiliating 3-0 defeat to Hellas Verona.