Spalletti tir什么项目放在电影院里赚钱ed of transfer talk

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“Every ball counts, not just the ones that give a personal advantage. We’re Inter and we have ambition.

“We must be organised when thinking about this issue. For example: Skriniar faces every problem like his life depends on it.

Luciano Spalletti says he is tired of the constant speculation about players possibly leaving Inter. “I hear little about this issue at Juventus…”

“We won’t have a big budget, we’ll have to be wary of doing our best. This profession is about getting the best out of yourself, aware that you have the strength to do so.”

“We must know how to live together. I know that a club can have ambitions and limits, and from time to time we examine what’s going on.

“There are times to say certain things and the necessary plan will be prepared. We want 澳门外围投六合投注网站注to involve the fans in these choices.

“If there’s a chance in the transfer market, Ausilio and Sabatini will jump on it and put it away like Icardi and Perisic do,” the Coach said at a Press conference for Saturday’s match against Sassuolo.

“We’ve always said that we wanted to aim for certain positions in the table, and it’s not easy because there are several top clubs to deal with.

“He’s a good player for Inter and he can give us the solutions to win. I prefer to be told that he’d like to win more.

“Assessments must be made based in the context in which you find yourself. The club want to be as clear as possible.

Joao Mario has been heavily linked with a January exit from Inter after struggling for game time under Spalletti, but the Coach made it clear he was looking to keep the midfielder and the rest of his squad.

“Appearances aren’t ranked. Why should players ask to leave if we’re a top team? I hear little ab线上足球投注out this issue at Juventus.

“We must all be part of our problems and solutions. We’re all together and we also take on our fair share of problems.

“No-one’s asked me to leave, Joao Mario’s never said anything to me, and if I can, I’ll answer him.

“Our fans need to hear what we have to say. I’m happy and I will be until the end of the season. After that, everyone will make their own assessments.

“My players have no escape routes. We must keep going with consistency and what’s been said between us.