Spalletti: 'Inter discussed Pastore'

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It kicks off on Sunday at 11.30 GMT,

“Rafinha can play in various different roles and does particularly well in tight spaces. We’ve signed a really strong player, he just needs to get his fitness levels sorted, but is in better condition than I expected.”

“The market is difficult for every club, they all h网络外围投注ave their limits and barriers, so we must make do. We brought in Lisandro Lopez, who is already fully-developed and knows the role of centre-back inside out.

Luciano Spalletti confirms he has discussed with Inter directors ahead of their game with SPAL.

“Pastore is one of the players we talked about, he is very talented, but we also discussed other situations without losing sight of what we already have.”

“He is a mature player and I’m sorry, but I can’t promise him anything. We have to take into account what he wants and he seems intent on finding a club where h在线外围投注e can play.

With Joao Mario going on loan to West Ham United and Rafinha arriving from Barcelona, Inter are inevitably at the centre of the transfer market.

Yuto Nagatomo has also now been linked with the exit after seven years at Inter.

“I am always optimistic, because optimism is contagious and so is pessimism,” said the Coach in his Press conference.

“Pastore is certainly a great player, but I do not interfere with negotiations or the transfer market. If I forget who we’re discussing at a club meeting, I’ll just look at the newspaper headlines to remind me澳门外围投注.

“I saw improvements against Roma and know my players pretty well, so that keeps me positive. Early in the season we had to continue winning, but now we have to get back to winning, and those are two very different things.”